Guess What Came To Dinner? parasites and weight loss, natural parasite remedies
Ground breaking parasite/weight loss connection
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    Guess What Came To Dinner? Parasites and Your Health by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS. is a completely revised and updated edition of the 1993 classic. The book discusses what parasites are, why they are harmful, and how they are spread. It focuses on the role of parasites in allergies, chronic fatigue, bowel disorders, and immune dysfunction.Natural remedies and breakthrough methods of detection are highlighted as well as new information on the latest anti-parasitic drugs. ...

    The Fast Track Detox Diet (Paperback) Fast detox diet, fast track weight loss
    Boost metabolism, detox & weight loss.
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      The Fast Track Detox Diet brings the age-old practice of fasting into the 21st century. Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS. integrates her safe and healthy one-day fast into a powerful lifestyle program that made its debut on 20/20 in April of 2005. This easy-to-follow program includes: 7-Day Prequel— Incorporate healing foods to nourish and fortify your major detox organs 1-Day Fast— Sip the deliciously spiced Miracle Juice designed to stave off hunger and regulate blood sugar while flushing...

      The Gut Flush Plan flush digestive tract, gut detox
      Fortify your digestive system.
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        The Gut Flush Plan, by nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., CNS, focuses on the next frontier in health care— the new germ warfare— designed to outsmart the hidden invaders and super bugs that are spreading into the community and threatening our health. She offers concrete steps that protect against the undetected hitchhikers in our food and in our surroundings that take up residence in our guts, making us sick, tired, and bloated. In The Gut Flush Plan, Gittleman helps readers pinpoint...

        The Living Beauty Detox Program bbest foods for detox, beauty detox solution
        Seven beauty fundamentals everyone woman should know.
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          The Living Beauty Detox Program by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS. is designed for each and every season of a woman's life.Learn how to eat right to cleanse yourself of toxins, manage your hormones, and bring out your best looks. Plus, discover the seven beauty fundamentals essential to maintaining a healthier, more radiant appearance. "Ann Louise has literally turned the secrets of beauty inside out…a must for every woman's beauty library." –Dr. Earl Mindell, author of 'Earl Mindell's Vitamin...