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New Earthing Starter Kit

Includes Earthing Throw, Universal Mat, 2 Wrist/Ankle Bands, Ground Rod, and Connection Product Tester for every aspect of effective Earthing.

The new Earthing™ Starter Kit provides an Earthing Throw, an Earthing Universal Mat, two Earthing Wrist/Ankle Bands, an Earthing Ground Rod, plus an Earthing Connection Product Tester for a ultimate affordable solution for both home and office.

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Earthing Throw
Sleeping grounded is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of connecting to the Earth. The throw is a plush cotton semi-blanket/semi-sheet (40 x 65") with soft conductive silver fibers woven into the fabric.

How It Works
The throw is placed at the foot end of a bed, over the bottom fitted sheet. It can also be placed lengthwise on the bed. Placing your bare feet or any part of your body on the bed pad grounds your body to the Earth during sleep. The throw connects to the Earth with the included ground cord. One end of the cord snaps onto the bed pad. The prong end of the cord inserts into the ground port of an electrical wall outlet or connects to an optional ground rod (purchased separately).

Earthing Universal Mat
The Earthing Universal Mat is made from pure conductive carbon rubber and offers broad flexibility for use anywhere in your home or office. Simply place your bare feet on the mat for use while sitting up, lying down, or using as a sleep system for your bed. They may also be used as a desk mat on a computer or desk to ground your hands while typing or using the mouse.

How It Works
The mat connects to the Earth with the included ground cord. One end of the cord snaps onto the mat. The prong end of the cord can be inserted directly into the ground port of an electrical wall outlet or connected to an optional ground rod.


Earthing Wrist/Ankle Bands
The Earthing Wrist/Ankle Bands can be comfortably worn around the wrist, ankle or elbow for convenient grounding on-the-go. The coil style cord allows for easy mobility while grounded. Great for use while sleeping, working, relaxing, and more. Perfect for travel!

How It Works

Place a band on your body and adjust to fit snugly to ensure that the metal is touching your bare skin. The band connects to the Earth with the included coil cord. One end of the cord snaps onto the band. The prong end of the cord can be inserted directly into the ground port of an electrical wall outlet or connected to an optional ground rod.


Earthing Ground Rod
If the electrical wiring in your home, apartment, or office does not have a functional grounding system you will not be able to plug your Earthing product into a wall outlet. Many older houses and buildings (built before the 1960s) do not have a grounding system. The Earthing Ground Rod is a practical solution for such older structures without updated grounding systems.

How It Works
The rod is placed directly in the Earth near the foundation of the home/office. The rod comes fitted with a 45-foot cord that will reach to most first and second story locations. Simply run the cord from the rod under or around a window or door near where you will use your Earthing product. An electrician can install a permanent Earthing outlet, if desired, that generally includes drilling a small hole through the wall, mounting a wall plate, and running a ground wire to the outlet.

Earthing Connection Product Tester
The Earthing Connection Product Tester checks the conductivity of your Earthing products and ground cords to determine that they are conductive and in good working condition.

Kit Includes

  • One throw (40x65 inches) with 15-foot ground cord
  • One universal mat (10x20 inches) with 15-foot ground cord
  • One Earthing ground rod with 45-foot cord
  • Two Earthing wrist/ankle bands with coil cords
  • product tester
  • outlet ground checker
  • user guide

Because of the natural blood-thinning effects of Earthing, individuals taking the anticoagulant Coumadin should consult with their physician before use. Individuals taking thyroid medication including Synthroid and Armour Thyroid should watch for signs of overstimulation, including heart palpitations, and may need to consult with their physician to reduce medication dosage.

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My daughters, my brother and I all use grounding pads and sheets because they work! I highly recommend these products to everyone, we have issues with insomnia, high BP, arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, migraines etc. in the family and grounding therapy helps us with all these problems. Grounding may not be a miraculous cure for everyone but, it can seriously improve the quality of your life if you give it a chance, we will never stop grounding!

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Must have


When I first learned about these products I was a bit of a skeptic. Now that we own and have used them for awhile, I would never be without them. We have the half sheet on our bed, and take it with us when we travel. We have the bands at our recliners, and use them whenever we sit down. We have the mats at our computers both at home and at work. We are seniors with the usual collection of aging symptoms. We now sleep better, ache less,and have more energy I even healed from a crushed knee at record speed according to my doctor. He was amazed, and started using the products himself. Everyone needs these products.

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