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Earthing Wrist/Ankle Band Kit

For convenient versatility, the Earthing band can be worn around the wrist, ankle or elbow.

The Earthing™ Wrist/Ankle Band(s) can be comfortably worn around the wrist, ankle or elbow for convenient grounding on-the-go. The coil style cord allows for easy mobility while grounded. Great for use while sleeping, working, relaxing, and more. Perfect for travel!

Studies show Earthing can help support:

  • Better, deeper sleep*
  • Increased energy*
  • Less stress*
  • Reduced pain, stiffness and chronic inflammation*
  • Normalized melatonin and cortisol levels*
  • Accelerated wound healing*
  • Faster recovery from trauma*
  • Menstrual and hormonal balance*

How It Works
Place a band on your body and adjust to fit snugly to ensure that the metal is touching your bare skin.

The band connects to the Earth with the included coil cord. One end of the cord snaps onto the band. The prong end of the cord can be inserted directly into the ground port of an electrical wall outlet or connected to an optional ground rod (purchased separately). Before plugging the cord into your outlet, use the outlet ground checker to ensure your outlet is grounded properly.

What's Earthing? Learn more...

Kit with 1 Band Includes:

  • One 8-inch band for the wrist, ankle or elbow
  • One 20-foot coil cord
  • One outlet ground checker 
  • Instructions

Kit with 2 Bands Includes:

  • Two 8-inch bands for the wrist, ankle or elbow
  • Two 20-foot coil cords
  • One outlet ground checker
  • Instructions

Because of the natural blood-thinning effects of Earthing, individuals taking the anticoagulant Coumadin should consult with their physician before use. Individuals taking thyroid medication including Synthroid and Armour Thyroid should watch for signs of over-stimulation, including heart palpitations, and may need to consult with their physician to reduce medication dosage.

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Overall Customer Rating:

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Helps fatigue and muscle healing


I wear my wrist band every day when I am working at my computer. I am so much less tired than if I don't wear it. Also when I hurt a muscle in my back or knee the band takes the pain away and helps it heal so much faster. It's amazing.

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No noticeable change, whatsoever


Admittedly, I have not used this device very much, however, I have not noticed any appreciable difference. Would not recommend to anyone else at this time.

Customer Service Response: Hi Ursula, thank you for your feedback. We have found that it may take consistent use over time to begin seeing results from Earthing. We hope that you'll begin to see results soon! Best, UNI KEY Staff

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Something good is happening


I've worn the wrist bands at night for three weeks now. I didn't think anything was really happening. I still don't sleep very well due to extreme stress. However, I love gardening and when given the chance, always over do it. I pay the price for my enthusiastic yard work the next morning or sometimes, oddly enough, two mornings later. I wake up so stiff and sore I'd think a truck rolled over me during the night. Then I feel terrible about not being able to accomplish what I need to do, such as chores, for days after. Since wearing the bands, I wake up with virtually no soreness after gardening! I tested this theory three times now by doing yard work and going on bike rides in the three weeks I've used the bands. It has kept me sore-free and able to function. This is worth it to me. BTW I'm 47.

Customer Service Response:That's great news Christy!

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Profound Effect


The effect is subtle but profound. Aches and pains fade away.

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After Just 3 weeks of using the Earthing bands, my husband has quit snoring!

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wasn't sure


I was willing to try anything to help with symptoms of adrenal exhaustion, it all made sense. The other reviews were inspiring. I wore the bands the first night while sleeping and woke up the next day feeling a little better. I am skeptical and not always willing to give credit right away. I have been wearing the bands for a couple of weeks now and feel like I have reversed my symptoms. I haven't felt light hearted in a really long time, and now I do. My daughter calls me her robot, because I am always plugged into the wall. I would definitely recommend all of the earthing products. I imagined the band would be the least effective because of the size and cost, all of the other products must do wonders!

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great for the gym


I wear the Body Bands when I'm on the elliptical and they decrease my post-workout muscle fatigue

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