Ground breaking parasite/weight loss connection

Guess What Came To Dinner?

Discover how parasites spread and the role they might be playing in your health.

Guess What Came To Dinner? Parasites and Your Health by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS. is a completely revised and updated edition of the 1993 classic. 

The book discusses what parasites are, why they are harmful, and how they are spread. It focuses on the role of parasites in allergies, chronic fatigue, bowel disorders, and immune dysfunction.

Natural remedies and breakthrough methods of detection are highlighted as well as new information on the latest anti-parasitic drugs.

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Book titled Guess What Came to Dinner


I was very impressed with the wealth of information I found. I spent 2 hours reading and after many pages dog eared for future reference I have made a list of products I plan to order from your company in an effort to rid myself of parasites using this wonderful guide.

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Guess What Came To Dinner


Excellent book and very informative. A lot of information about the most common parasites infections and what to do about it. Very detailed an easily structured. Thank you!

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Best book on parasites!


This is hands down the best reference book on parasites I have ever seen. It talks about prevention, symptoms and gives great information on diet and herbs to take to kill them.

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