Earthing Fitted Sheet
Reconnect with Nature
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    Sleeping grounded is the best way to reap the benefits of connecting with the Earth. The Earthing™ Fitted Sheets are a natural color cotton with soft conductive silver fibers woven into the fabric.They fit the mattress similar to a regular bottom fitted sheet. How It Works Placing your bare feet or any part of your body on the fitted sheet grounds your body to the Earth during sleep. The sheet connects to the Earth with the included ground cord. One end of the cord snaps onto the sheet. The...

    Earthing Wrist/Ankle Band Kit
    Reconnect with the earth
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      The Earthing™ Wrist/Ankle Band(s) can be comfortably worn around the wrist, ankle or elbow for convenient grounding on-the-go. The coil style cord allows for easy mobility while grounded. Great for use while sleeping, working, relaxing, and more. Perfect for travel! Studies show Earthing can help support: Better, deeper sleep*Increased energy*Less stress*Reduced pain, stiffness and chronic inflammation*Normalized melatonin and cortisol levels*Accelerated wound healing*Faster recovery...

      Earthing Starter Kit
      Reconnonect to the Earth's healing energy
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        The new Earthing™ Starter Kit provides an Earthing Throw, an Earthing Universal Mat, two Earthing Wrist/Ankle Bands, an Earthing Ground Rod, plus an Earthing Connection Product Tester for a ultimate affordable solution for both home and office. What's Earthing? Learn more... _____________________________ Earthing Throw Sleeping grounded is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of connecting to the Earth. The throw is a plush cotton semi-blanket/semi-sheet (40 x 65") with soft conductive...

        Earthing Universal Mat
        Great way to connect with the earth at work
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          The Earthing™ Universal Mat offers broad flexibility to ground yourself anywhere in your home or office. Studies show Earthing can help support: Better, deeper sleep* Increased energy* Less stress* Reduced pain, stiffness and chronic inflammation* Normalized melatonin and cortisol levels* Accelerated wound healing* Faster recovery from trauma* Menstrual and hormonal balance* Simply place your bare feet on it for use while sitting up. It may also be used as a desk mat on a computer or desk to...

          Zapped emf dangers, emf safety
          Learn how to protect yourself from electro-pollution
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            Zapped is an eye-opening guide for anyone who's plugged in.This book discusses emerging scientific evidence that constant exposure to electropollution is interrupting our bodies' natural flow of energy— causing fatigue, irritability, weakness, and even illness. Learn simple strategies to zap-proof your home, your body, and your life. Are we going to give up our cell phones, laptops, and other electronics? Absolutely not. But emerging scientific evidence reveals that the very innovations that...

            Testosterone Test
            Accurately measure your testosterone levels
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              Our Testosterone Test evaluates your body's levels of bio-available testosterone using a saliva sample with an easy at-home testing kit. Low testosterone levels or "Low T" can impact libido, lean muscle mass, energy levels and endurance for both men and women. With just a saliva sample, our Testosterone Test can evaluate your bio-available testosterone levels and determine helpful lifestyle changes and possible HRT introduction or modification.Consider this test if you are...

              Adrenal Stress Panel
              Evaluate Adrenal Fatigue Factors
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                Our Adrenal Stress Panel measures stress hormones, insulin levels and other major factors like gluten sensitivity and hormonal precursors to determine the causes of your adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, cravings and obesity.Consider this test if you are experiencing:Lack of energy and exhaustionChronic fatigue syndromeDifficulty waking up or falling asleepWaking throughout the nightBlood sugar dysregulationAutoimmune disordersDepression/ADDSlow wound healingExcess belly fatAging skinOur convenient...

                Countertop Ultra-Ceramic Water Filter
                Pure water from the tap
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                  Utilizing the finest filtration materials, our NEW AIO Ultra-Ceramic Filter with Metalgon can remove Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Pharmaceuticals, THMs and HAAs, and Heavy Metals, all in a single filter!This remarkable technology utilizes four stages of advanced filtration to remove harmful contaminants and provide you and your family with clean, great tasting water. The most advanced micro-active carbon is combined with ceramic pre-filtration, heavy metal and ion exchange media to...

                  Expanded GI Panel
                  Test for parasites, bacteria, yeast, food allergies and intestinal function markers
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                    The Expanded GI Panel can detect parasites and find possible causes for digestive problems, gluten intolerance and other food sensitivities, hyperactivity, leaky gut syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, chronic fatigue, constipation and fibromyalgia. The Expanded GI Panel tests for: H. pylori, C. difficile, Candida albicans, and fungusProtozoa and worms, including Giardia, Blastocystis hominis, Roundworm, Toxoplasma, Trichinella spiralis (from swine) and TapewormAllergies to gluten, cow's...

                    Parasite Flexi-Test
                    Targeted testing for parasites, bacteria, yeast and fungus
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                      A scaled down version of the Expanded GI Panel.  The Parasite Flexi-Test screens for parasites, pathogenic bacteria and yeast that can often be the underlying causes for acid reflux, nausea, intermittent diarrhea, constipation, and chronic skin problems.Specific organisms include: H. pylori, C. difficile, Candida albicans, and fungus Protozoa and worms, including Giardia, Blastocystis hominis, Roundworm, Toxoplasma, Trichinella spiralis, and TapewormHow It WorksIn the privacy of your...

                      Salivary Hormone Test
                      Complete six-hormone panel
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                        Our Salivary Hormone Test evaluates your body's levels of bio-available Progesterone, Estradiol, Estriol, Testosterone, DHEA and Cortisol. This convenient at-home testing kit uses a saliva sample to provide an individualized hormone assessment to help identify and alleviate the underlying causes of many imbalance-related issues. Saliva is considered more appropriate than blood testing for establishing accurate hormone level baselines and determining changes in hormone replacement therapy...

                        Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA)
                        Test for 29 major minerals & 8 heavy metals with a hair sample
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                          Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA) uses a small sample of hair cut near the scalp to provide a complete analysis of your mineral levels and ratios as well as associated health and disease tendencies. Consider this test if you are experiencing: Chronic fatigue Thyroid and adrenal insufficiency Heavy metal exposure Copper toxicity Headaches Insomnia Hair loss Memory loss A lack of results with current supplements and diet How It Works After ordering the test kit, collect your hair sample in the...