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Earthing Universal Mat

Earthing Universal Mat

At home or work, stay connected to the Earth's natural energy.
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The Earthing™ Universal Mat offers broad flexibility to ground yourself anywhere in your home or office. Simply place your bare feet on it for use while sitting up. It may also be used as a desk mat on a computer or desk to ground your hands while typing or using the mouse.

How It Works
The mat comes with a conductive fabric sleeve-like cover that can be slipped on if you choose. The mat connects to the Earth with the included ground cord. One end of the cord snaps onto the mat. The prong end of the cord can be inserted directly into the ground port of an electrical wall outlet or connected to an optional ground rod (purchased separately). When used without the cover, either side of the mat works - it does not matter which side you choose. However, when used with the cover the lighter colored side should be touching your skin.

Kit Includes

  • One 10 x 27 inch mat
  • sleeve-like cover
  • 12 foot ground cord
  • user guide
  • complimentary book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

    What's Earthing? Learn more...

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    Because of the natural blood-thinning effects of Earthing, individuals taking the anticoagulant Coumadin should consult with their physician before use. Individuals taking thyroid medication including Synthroid and Armour Thyroid should watch for signs of overstimulation, including heart palpitations, and may need to consult with their physician to reduce medication dosage.

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I've been using the Earthing products for almost a year now, and it has changed my life..

I've been using the Earthing products for almost a year now, and it has changed my life in so many ways! I had horrible upper back and neck pain that flared up from time to time and never really seemed to go away. After Earthing, the pain has been gone for the last 8 months. Also, I am sleeping so much better with the sheets! I used to wake up with the covers all over the place from tossing and turning all night long – now it barely even looks like someone has slept there. As a runner, I have found that my endurance and recovery has improved substantially – I can go weeks without running and barely even get out of breath – it's incredible! I also now use the Body Bands at work, and find that I am more focused and able to manage stress much more easily! This is truly an amazing discovery and I have become an Earthing "disciple" to everyone I know!



I feel really relaxed and more energized...

Before using the Earthing Universal Mat I had a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck. Since using the product on my desk chair at work the soreness is almost gone! I feel really relaxed and more energized. This really works. I can't wait to try the Earthing Bed Pad!



All the pain and stiffness goes away...

I've been sleeping on the Earthing Bed Pad for many months and I sleep so much deeper, dream vividly, and wake up totally refreshed. I don't wake up during the night any more either. I love the Earthing Body Bands because they are so versatile. I use the wrist band while I am watching TV to help me relax. I also use it while I am at the computer and I don't feel tired by the end of the day. The larger band I put around my waist when my lower back is strained by exercising too hard. All the pain and stiffness goes away.



The inventor of Earthing should get a Nobel Prize for this...

Earthing is right up there with air, water, and sunshine as natural remedies. The first night I used the Body Bands I slept very deeply and started to dream for the first time in years. Now I attach them around my ankles at night. It's helping me so I am only going to the bathroom after 6 hours instead of 4 hours. I am so sure it has helped balance my body's pH as well. The inventor of Earthing should get a Nobel Prize for this.



The Earthing Mat helped heal my cat...

The Earthing Mat helped heal my cat! Enzo was attacked by an animal and suffered from a 2" wide laceration and puncture wounds on his leg, his foot was very swollen, and I was concerned about him getting a staph infection (he has an immune-deficiency against staph). He also received major trauma to his head, he lost some teeth, and half his skull shifted. It was clear that he was in a lot of pain because he wouldn't respond to my affection or take care of himself. I was very scared that he wouldn't live through this.

The day I brought home the Earthing Mat, I placed his hind-quarters and foot on it. Thereafter, he would lay on the matt willingly—positioned just like I showed him. After the first night he woke up much 'brighter' and talkative, plus, the swelling in his foot and head had gone down. After 1 week, his leg wounds healed completely shut—without stitches! I believe that the Earthing Mat eased his pain and encouraged his tissues to heal. Even the vet is amazed that Enzo did so well! Thank you UNI KEY!



Within minutes I felt energy moving through my body...

I became a believer in Earthing one night that I had a fever of 104 degrees. I was tossing and turning miserably, unable to fall asleep, and experiencing a terrible headache. As a last resort, I connected to the Earth with my Body Bands. Within minutes I felt energy moving through my body with a slightly tingling sensation, and I could also feel the pain and discomfort actually traveling out of my body through my wrist band. I fell asleep just a few minutes later slept soundly the whole night. Since then, I connect myself whenever I can. It's a comforting feeling!



I felt a difference immediately...

The first night I used the Earthing Body Bands I felt a difference immediately. I used the band around my leg while I slept and I could feel a tingling, pulsating feeling in that area. I slept very soundly and woke feeling rested and refreshed! As a self-employed carpenter and contractor for the last 30 years, I swing my hammer a lot, and occasionally I develop a long lasting cramp sensation in my forearm for 2 or 3 days at a time. I could feel that coming on and used the Earthing band around my forearm on the second night. To my great surprise, the cramp didn't progress at all! My arm felt fine and normal the next day!



I sleep better and wakeup rested...

Since using Earthing products my wife and I sleep better and wakeup rested and refreshed!



The Earthing Pad is helping me get the rest I need...

My husband had knee surgery and I gave him the Earthing Bed Pad because I had been reading so much about how it was used for healing and recovery. He healed very quickly from the pain and his recovery time has been shorter also. I find that I sleep soooo much better. My schedule is erratic and the Earthing Pad is helping me get the rest I need.



I am such a believer in these products...

I have radiation burns on the back of my hands and since using the Earthing Mat I purchased thru UNI KEY they are healing. I am such a believer in these products that I am sending information to all my friends. I am a believer now!!



These mats are so versatile that they can be packed and taken on vacation.

These mats are so versatile that they can be packed and taken on vacation. I've had a sheet for about 6 months and missed it when on vacation. Since using Earthing products, my system has been able to detox much more effectively. My naturopath told me that my eyes were brown because of toxic load when they should be blue—they're almost completely blue now. It's going to be interesting when I have to renew my passport and driver's license.


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By Art Fisher
Earthing Mat is a winner!  |  Jul 13, 2013

When my Earthing Mat arrived, I was excited to test my outlet and plug it in. I had already read the Earthing book and noticed a lot of benefit to walking barefoot on the beach or grass. I live on the second floor and use wireless internet a lot. I was wondering why I was feeling sluggish and run down every morning even though I have a really healthy lifestyle. I began to notice a marked improvement almost as soon as I began Earthing. I figured since I usually use my wireless devices right before bed, I could recharge while I sleep with the Earthing pad. Let's just say I no longer wake up sluggish and run down. Great product!

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By Summer
works for pets, too  |  Aug 9, 2012

When my kitty cat was recovering from surgery, he instinctively made his bed on my earthing mat. He healed much faster than the vet expected, and he is in great shape now, often napping by the window on the mat that I bought especially for him!

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By Diane Lee
Earthing  |  Jan 13, 2012

After using the Earthing pad for one day - that evening I experienced the best sleep I've had in awhile - previously I woke up with pain in the deltoids muscle - but not after using the pad for just one day! After several days of usage the best word I can use to describe the feeling throughout my body is "fluidity" of movement. I have arthritis in my spine, hands, neck and also fibromyalgia. I just ordered the bed pad and can't wait to continue my Earthing experience during sleep.

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