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The Fast Track Detox Diet (Paperback)

Easy-to-follow program that brings the age-old practice of fasting into the 21st century.

The Fast Track Detox Diet brings the age-old practice of fasting into the 21st century. Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS. integrates her safe and healthy one-day fast into a powerful lifestyle program that made its debut on 20/20 in April of 2005.

This easy-to-follow program includes:

  • 7-Day Prequel— Incorporate healing foods to nourish and fortify your major detox organs
  • 1-Day Fast— Sip the deliciously spiced Miracle Juice designed to stave off hunger and regulate blood sugar while flushing toxins.
  • 3-Day Sequel— Seal in your results with nourishing foods and incorporating probiotics to support immunity
  • 3 Maintenance approaches that offer something to every dieter out there.

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Felt great on the detox


I really like the detox aspect of this plan. I loved eating a variety of healthy foods every day. I started losing weight on day 1 and by the Fast day I lost 8 lbs. I was apprehensive about fasting because I tend to have low blood sugar, but I sailed right through the day. I had lots of energy and felt great. By the time I finished the sequel I had lost a total of 15 pounds!!!

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It works!


I've done The Fast Track Detox Diet three times in the last three and a half years. I did lose 10 pounds on the program, which was great! I got back into my jeans and started feeling better about my weight. Now, the good news. After finishing the program, I've not only kept the weight off that I lost, but I've continued to lose! Not as fast as the first 11 days on the program-- it's not coming off at a pound a day. Now, it's more like a pound a week, which is completely fine with me. I'm back in my old weight range, and these last 10 pounds can take their time. I know that when it comes off slowly, it tends to stay off longer anyway.

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