Herbal Parasite Cleanse Formula


  • Herbal parasite cleanse formula*
  • Traditional herbs used for centuries to expel “uninvited guests” and get rid of parasites naturally*

An herbal parasite cleanse with traditional herbs used for centuries…

"The only herbal (parasite) formulas I use are those designed by and sold by Uni Key Health Systems with input from Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS..."
- Nan Kathryn Fuchs, PhD, Editor, Women's Health Letter

Verma-Plus features an herbal parasite cleanse with traditional ingredients used for centuries to help clear the body of unwanted organisms and get rid of parasites naturally in the GI tract and bloodstream.

Key ingredients of this herbal parasite cleanse include:

  • Black Walnut Hulls – Used for centuries by American Indians and Chinese to expel intestinal waste and unwanted microorganisms*
  • Wormwood – For the elimination of worms from the body and intestinal tract*
  • Centuary – An eliminator that helps release the "hooks and suckers" from intestinal walls according to Native American herbal lore*
  • Male Fern – A widely-accepted purgative for larger microorganisms*
  • Orange Peel – Aids digestion, circulation and promotes peristalsis*
  • Cloves – Helps improve digestion and circulation, and helps gas and intestinal spasms*
  • Butternut – For elimination of common pinworms and microorganisms*

1 of 3 supplements included in My Colon Cleansing Kit.

Verma-Plus Information Sheet


Take 1/4 teaspoon in four ounces of water three times daily: twice between meals on an empty stomach and once at bedtime or as directed by a health care professional. 

For children 40-80 lbs, take half the adult dosage. 

Not recommended for children under 40 lbs. 

Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing. 

Other products such as Zymex II are available for children weighing under 40 lbs. Call UNI KEY at (800) 888-4353 for more information.

NOTE: The "bitter" taste is what these critters hate! Bitter is better, especially when it comes to eliminating microorganisms. If you experience loose bowels, fatigue, or skin eruptions, please realize these are signs of cleansing. If you are uncomfortable, simply stop the preparations for two days, then continue at half the dosage for another two days, after which you can resume the regular dosage.


Supplement Facts
Serving size: 1/4 teaspoon
Serving per container: Approximately 90
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value *

Proprietary Blend 1.25 ml

Black Walnut (hull) (Juglans nigra)
Wormwood (aerial portion) (Artemisia absinthium)
Centaury (aerial portion) (Centaurium erythraea)
Male Fern (root) (Dryopteris filix-mas)
Orange (peel) (Citrus sinensis)
Cloves (bud) (Syzygium aromaticum)
Butternut (root bark) (Juglans cinerea)
40% ethyl alcohol base

* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

†Daily Value has not been established.

Other Ingredients: Purified water

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(13 Reviews)

Works for me


With severe ibs and a nervous stomach this product has helped me to be a lot more regular. It immediately started clearing my system when I did the whole cleansing plan but as time went on I notice that it helps keep my appetite down and thus helps in weight loss too. Though not marketed for weight loss I believe, it appears that when you clear out the icky in your system the weight is much easier to come off. I lost 11 lbs with the program. I ran out of it and since supplements are pricey I stopped taking it for a couple months and it still continued to work. But then I started noticing the appetite coming back so I ordered some more and am starting on it again.

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Four years of using this product and always satisfied


I HIGHLY recommend this product for parasite induced gut issues AND I love Uni-key's customer service. Sign up for the email list and you will receive daily updates about sales, special offers as well as a birthday discount. The shipping is a bit more expensive than other online vendors but my order has always arrived within two or three days and my request to "please ring the door bell and hand the box to a human being, not on the doorstep" has always been obliged by the delivery personnel.

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Have been using for several years


A friend introduced me to Verma-Plus when we lived in SE Asia (where contracting parasites from the food supply is a given!). I have used it consistently since then because it is effective in eliminating the "unwanted guests" and keeping my "innards" functioning consistently. The only downside is that the taste is less than pleasant (but it grows on you...like the little bugs inside!). I'm not a juice drinker, but adding it to something sweet and fruity may help mask the strong flavor. It is a bit expensive (especially with the shipping cost factored in), but a few drops each day goes a long way.

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No more parasites


Before using Para-Key and Verma-Plus doctors never found anything wrong with me. I had a distended stomach and every symptom ever heard about. I ate a lot of Asian food and at salad bars. Since starting Para-Key and Verma-Plus I feel back to normal after several months of misery. I had gone to the E.R. and spent thousands of dollars, and they found nothing. My husband heard about Para-Key and Verma-Plus and I am so thankful. I took Verma-Plus for 1 month and followed that with Para-Key. Now, I am taking Flora-Key. I've had great results and I had visual sightings of parasites leaving my body. Thank you!

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Changed my life!


Before taking Para-Key and Verma-Plus I was 185 lbs and size 14 and looked swollen. I had parasites! I felt lethargic. I would come home from work and sit in front of the TV and eat. I would eat and be hungry again. I read Guess What Came to Dinner and then ordered Para-Key and Verma-Plus. Since then, I have lost 2 dress sizes and I have more energy. I go for walks instead of watching TV. I am careful about eating healthy food, and eat no sugar! Para-Key and Verma-Plus are a real blessing!

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Best I've felt in 30 years!


Over the past 40 years I knew I had something going on inside of me. At night my back would itch, and other areas of my body would itch also. Over the years I had allergies, headaches, no energy, fatigue, joint ache, and I just didn't feel good most of the time. When I would eat sugar, like on cereal or in fruit juice, I would get a headache. Since taking Para-Key and Verma-Plus for just 1 month, all my joint pain is gone and my back itching is 90 percent gone! This is the best I've felt in 30 years! I get a better night's sleep and I'm ready to get up and go in the morning!

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I've tried everything- this WORKS!


Before taking UNI KEY's Para-Key and Verma-Plus I had terrible bloating from parasites that I had gotten from foods. It was terribly uncomfortable. I tried every product under the sun and nothing else worked! Since taking Para-Key, Verma-Plus, and Y-C Cleanse, I am almost back to normal.

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The parasites are gone!


Before taking Para-Key and Verma-Plus products I knew I had parasites because I had seen them in my blood under the microscope. After 1 month taking these products I had another blood test and it showed that the parasites are almost completely gone. I am buying these products for the other members of my family and taking them another month myself.

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It's amazing!


Before using Para-Key and Verma-Plus I had a skin condition for the past 10 yrs. Doctors and dermatologists prescribed antibiotics, which helped some, but the condition always came back. I have scars all over my body. I have been using Para-Key and Verma-Plus for only 1 week and it has helped tremendously already! The sores are starting to go away and I feel so much better--my stomach feels better. I have an overall sense of well being. This cleanse has been a God send!

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Verma-Plus got things under control


Before taking Para-Key and Verma-Plus, I was so bloated I looked like I was pregnant! I also ate in the middle of the night every night! After just 2 weeks my stomach is now flat and I don't have to get up at night to eat. I am a big fan of these products.

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I started this product and within three days I expelled lots of unwanted guests. I had suspected I was infected and this proved to be the case.

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Worms suck


I've struggled with roundworm off and on and I think this product does the trick. Even though it tastes horrible and bitter (I started putting the liquid in capsules), I think this attributes to getting rid of the worms.

Review by on

Verma Plus


Thank you for your great product. This is the second time I had a need for Verma-Plus (in about 5 years) and this is a wonderful solution to a nasty problem.

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