My Colon Cleansing Kit Best natural colon cleanse, intestinal parasite cleanse
Cleanse your system of toxins, waste and unwanted organisms
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    Reset Your Health in 30 Days with the Best Natural Colon Cleanse*My Colon Cleansing Kit provides an advanced, yet gentle, intestinal parasite cleanse for microorganism detoxification support.* As the best natural colon cleanse to target hidden invaders, it also targets accumulated waste and toxins to promote a balanced GI tract for optimum nutrient absorption, and overall intestinal health. The addition of probiotics promote a balanced microbiome inhospitable to all types of uninvited...

    Para-Key Herbal treatment for parasites, cleanse intestines naturally
    Eliminate Organisms from the GI Tract*
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      An herbal treatment for parasites to help cleanse intestines naturally* "The only herbal (parasite) formulas I use are those designed by and sold by Uni Key Health Systems with input from Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS..." - Nan Kathryn Fuchs, PhD, Editor, Women's Health Letter Para-Key contains natural herbal ingredients that cleanse intestines naturally to assist in the elimination of intestinal waste and microorganisms in the GI tract.* Key ingredients in this herbal treatment for parasites...

      Verma-Plus Herbal parasite cleanse, get rid of parasites naturally
      Expel "uninvited guests" naturally*
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        An herbal parasite cleanse with traditional herbs used for centuries…"The only herbal (parasite) formulas I use are those designed by and sold by Uni Key Health Systems with input from Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS..." - Nan Kathryn Fuchs, PhD, Editor, Women's Health LetterVerma-Plus features an herbal parasite cleanse with traditional ingredients used for centuries to help clear the body of unwanted organisms and get rid of parasites naturally in the GI tract and bloodstream. Key ingredients...

        Super-GI Cleanse Natural intestinal cleanse, get rid of constipation
        Colon Cleansing Herbs + Fiber
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          Natural Intestinal Cleanse: Gentle & Effective for Daily Use*Safe for everyday use, Super-GI Cleanse is an excellent natural intestinal cleanse that helps ensure daily elimination and regularity and get rid of constipation, irregularity, gas, microorganisms and bloat.A Unique Blend of Cleansing Herbs, Natural Fiber, Enzymes & ProbioticsSuper-GI Cleanse provides an all-in-one natural intestinal cleanse with five sources of soluble and insoluble fiber and natural colon cleansing herbs to...

          Flora-Key Probiotic powder, beneficial bacteria
          5-strain probiotic formula with 10 billion beneficial bacteria per serving
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            Keep Beneficial Bacteria in Balance with Powerful Probiotic PowerOveruse of antibiotics, sugar, stress, medicinal drugs, and disease-causing microbes can easily upset the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria in your system. This lack of balance can especially affect digestion and immunity, allowing yeast, parasite and pathogens to multiply. Supplementing with a daily probiotic powder can provide billions of beneficial bacteria to help restore this delicate balance.With 10 billion beneficial...

            HCL+2 Natural remedies for acid reflux, hcl supplement
            Turn the heat down on heartburn!
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              Low, not high levels of stomach acid (HCl) are often an underlying cause of heartburn, acid reflux and GERD... Acid reflux, heartburn and GERD are often attributed to too stomach acid. However, often the opposite is true. Giving your body more stomach acid can often be the most effective natural remedy for acid reflux. Optmizing the body’s HCl levels can help restore comfortable digestion. HCL+2is a quick delivery and absorption HCl supplement formula that contains hydrochloric acid (HCl) with...

              Guess What Came To Dinner? parasites and weight loss, natural parasite remedies
              Ground breaking parasite/weight loss connection
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                Guess What Came To Dinner? Parasites and Your Health by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS. is a completely revised and updated edition of the 1993 classic. The book discusses what parasites are, why they are harmful, and how they are spread. It focuses on the role of parasites in allergies, chronic fatigue, bowel disorders, and immune dysfunction.Natural remedies and breakthrough methods of detection are highlighted as well as new information on the latest anti-parasitic drugs. ...

                The Gut Flush Plan flush digestive tract, gut detox
                Fortify your digestive system.
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                  The Gut Flush Plan, by nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., CNS, focuses on the next frontier in health care— the new germ warfare— designed to outsmart the hidden invaders and super bugs that are spreading into the community and threatening our health. She offers concrete steps that protect against the undetected hitchhikers in our food and in our surroundings that take up residence in our guts, making us sick, tired, and bloated. In The Gut Flush Plan, Gittleman helps readers pinpoint...

                  Expanded GI Panel
                  Test for parasites, bacteria, yeast, food allergies and intestinal function markers
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                    The Expanded GI Panel can detect parasites and find possible causes for digestive problems, gluten intolerance and other food sensitivities, hyperactivity, leaky gut syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, chronic fatigue, constipation and fibromyalgia. The Expanded GI Panel tests for: H. pylori, C. difficile, Candida albicans, and fungusProtozoa and worms, including Giardia, Blastocystis hominis, Roundworm, Toxoplasma, Trichinella spiralis (from swine) and TapewormAllergies to gluten, cow's...

                    Parasite Flexi-Test
                    Targeted testing for parasites, bacteria, yeast and fungus
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                      A scaled down version of the Expanded GI Panel.  The Parasite Flexi-Test screens for parasites, pathogenic bacteria and yeast that can often be the underlying causes for acid reflux, nausea, intermittent diarrhea, constipation, and chronic skin problems.Specific organisms include: H. pylori, C. difficile, Candida albicans, and fungus Protozoa and worms, including Giardia, Blastocystis hominis, Roundworm, Toxoplasma, Trichinella spiralis, and TapewormHow It WorksIn the privacy of your...