Discover the Keys to Burning Fat Year Round

Fat Flush For Life

A seasonal approach to melt body fat, nourish glowing skin, reduce appearance of cellulite, increase energy levels, and improve overall wellness.

Fat Flush for Life is a seasonal approach to burn stubborn body fat all year long.

For each season, the guidelines transition to a specifically designed diet and wellness program to take advantage of your body's natural seasonal response. This year-round super detox plan boosts metabolism and keeps the weight off.

The year-round healing strategies include: 

  • Winter Fat Flush: Jump-start your metabolism and protect your immunity
  • Spring Fat Flush: Nourish the body while releasing liver toxins
  • Summer Fat Flush: Accelerate your detox to burn fat faster
  • Autumn Fat Flush: Go vegetarian for optimum cleansing
  • The 5 Day Hot Metabolism Booster: A fail-safe plateau-buster to take weight loss to the next level in any season

The classic Fat Flush Plan has revolutionized dieting, helping people melt away fat through detoxifying one's body. And the seasonal approach in Fat Flush for Life makes lifetime maintenance a snap!

This book not only explains how to detoxify the liver and lymphatic system to get rid of bloat, belly fat, and cellulite, but also how to optimize weight loss through GI-enhancing beneficial bacteria (probiotics), balancing thyroid function, and taking advantage of your body's natural response to the seasons to keep you thin and healthy for life.

"The influence of the seasons on the delicate balance of your body is one of the most vital but overlooked aspects of total health," says Ann Louise Gittleman.

Fat Flush for Life also includes more than 75 brand new delicious recipes and menu plans for everyday eating and holiday celebrations. Uniquely effective, 'Fat Flush for Life' offers an enjoyable and nutritionally-sound method to keep the pounds off permanently.

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Another DIET? No - a new way to approach YOUR diet!


If you're not already familiar with Ann Louise Gittleman or her Fat Flush protocols than you are missing out on some of the most considered research and life changing dietary protocol available to you. The Fat Flush plans offer you a variety of way to change up your dietary intake to allow for your body to recharge, detox, clarify and simplify. From the Smoothie Shakedown to this, Fat Flush For Life - you have all the tools necessary to find your own success to slimming your body, improving your overall health and creating a future that isn't so much the short term gains dieting might bring to you but about changing your life in a way that will bring you long term gains, more energy, a better body shape, increased confidence and everything that goes along with these concepts. You can't go wrong reading this book - you will learn things that will cause "ah-ha" moments with every chapter, if not every turn of the page. Good luck on your journey - one step at a time is best!

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Very informative


Great healthy recipes and an easy plan to follow.

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I lost 30 pounds follwing the guidlines in this book


I found out about this book, in a Woman's world magazine. I followed the fat flush soup diet, and also the recipess and tips inside the book as well.I not only lost weight easily, I felt like a different person with new found energy & a more positive outlook on life than I had before. Eliminating junk foods, and replacing with smoothies, and fresh fruits & vegetable, helped me feel like a new person. I refer to it often.

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Healthy for Life!


When a friend of mine turned me on to the original Fat Flush book, and we went through our first detox together I started noticing Fat Flush things everywhere--healthy food choices, detox options, new ways of cooking that lined up with what I'd been learning from Ann Louise Gettlemen's expertise. The diet itself, was so restricting, that I couldn't get my husband to agree to more than a month, despite the fact that he dropped 15 lbs in the first two weeks.THEN I discovered Fat Flush For Life! I love the logic and practicality of eating seasonally. It's something we sort of did already, but now do with more purpose and guidance. Also, just the fact that the original Fat Flush is being further refined really made a difference to me. I can't say for certain how well this fall will go, with my carnivorous family attempting a less meaty diet, but I'm willing to give it a try, based on how well it's helping my health so far. My energy, food sensitivities, and 'woman problems' all seems to be leveling out. I give credit to the applied concepts found in the Fat Flush for Life.P.S. I LOVE the thermogenic green drink, suggested for the hot metabolism booster!!! I could have that every day, it's so good!

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